Midland Road Housing

3|10 Studio’s Designs for a 71 Unit, 100% Affordable Housing Competition on Midland Road, Bristol. The scheme seeks to wrap the units around a shared landscape that has a large childrens playspace at its centre, a community space that opens onto this playspace and wide access decks that encourage neighbourliness. The tall volumes were pulled away from the existing residential neighbours to be a good neighbour and avoid blocking out their light ! 

A Handsome Handrail Extension

A rather special project for the Wellcome Collection Gallery in London to ensure that the staircase within their historic building complied with modern standards. The extension to the existing brass handrail has no permanent fixings into the historic fabric and the whole installation, in steel and brass, is entirely removable without leaving a trace.  

A Flint Stone Wall in a Green Belt

Nice to visit site of 310 Studio’s wholesale remodelling of Hanham Lock Cottage on the River Avon and see the flint block wall of the South Side extension taking shape. The principal contractor can be seen inspecting the works to the right of the photo! 

Everything’s big in Texas

It was hugely rewarding to visit the site of 3|10 Studio’s recently completed Lake House at Cedar Creek Lake, just south of Dallas, Texas. Our thanks to our extraordinary clients and Hosts, Chris and Chrissy, and our immeasurably talented photographer Conor Doherty (@conordohertyphoto)

Brightbow Workspace Photoshoot

We had the wonderful Pete Helme in last week to shoot 310 studio’s new office’s at Brightbow Workspace in Bristol - a few details of our lovely handrail below and more to follow on the project page soon!  hat’s off to Madden and Rose Contractors and Mark Wilson Metalwork.

Dallas Lake House

310 Studio’s Lakehouse at Cedar Creek Lake, just south of Dallas, Texas is nearing completion on site - very exciting to see the site photos and looking forward to the next visit! 

A Bespoke Bookshelf for a Library

310 Studio were comissioned to find a solution to protect the void beneath an existing stair at the Wellcome Gallery Library. The chalenge was to avoid ‘filling in’ the space below the stair thereby losing the stairs perceived lightness. It all worked out rather well!

Wellcome Collection Gallery

The Studio’s carefully-crafted, bespoke handrail extensions for the Wellcome Collection Gallery have completed ensuring that the historic staircase is compliant with modern safety regulations without compromising its character and beauty. The entire installation, manufactured by West Country Blacksmiths, relies on bespoke clamping mechanisms and no mechanical fixings into the sensitive existing stonework. 

Bespoke Handrail Samples Approved

Impact Testing of the existing fixtures has taken place at the Wellcome Collection Gallery to ensure that 310 Studio’s proposed handrail extensions are technically achievable - thankfully the proposals passed with flying colours! 

Dallas Lake House Taking Shape

The steels have arrived on site in Texas! Additional floor trusses going in next week and extra long white bricks from ‘The ol’ Texas Brick Company’ the week after ….Yeeeehaw !                                                                 

Good progress on site at Seymour Road

Not all loft and rear ground floor extensions are alike, and when considered together, as is the case at Seymour Road, they can provide a beautiful balance to a rear elevation, not to mention immeasurably improved connections to the garden! 

Green Belt Extension Planning Granted

The studio were delighted to have succesfully negotiated the provision of a new rear extension, extensive interior remodelling and environmental upgrading to a beautiful property in Abbots Leigh.  Roll on the detail design! 

Mixed Use Development in London Completes

3|10 Studio’s mixed use development of  5 flats over a commercial unit has completed on Balham High Road in London. The scheme replaces a two storey building and was built over the Northern Line Tube Station which required careful coordination of the structural desing with LUL and TFL. Interior photos to follow shortly! 

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