3|10 Summer BARGE Party!

To celebrate the continued hard work, creativity and camaraderie of our team here at 3|10 Studio, we took a day off to celebrate together! 

That’s right folks, adorned with staw boaters and with ‘Out of Office - ON’, we spent a wonderful day cruising along Bath’s beautiful canals - merrily eating, drinking and dancing!

Chedglow – Striking Newbuild home in the Cotswolds

3|10 Studio are delighted to have been appointed to design a new build dwelling within rural Chedglow, Wiltshire; after winning a two stage shortlist and interview process.

The site presents an extraordinary opportunity, situated within the heart of the Client’s farm, with extensive view out across the stunning Cotswold landscape.   

Yee-haw Y’all, we’re heading to Texas!…

3|10 are very excited to be appointed to design a lake-house on the banks of the extraordinary Cedar Creek Lake, in Texas. 

The brief is to design a new build dwelling house, garage, pontoon and dock, external pool and landscaped areas to maximise south-west views out across the lake. The site is approximately 1 acre. 

 Having just returned from our first site visit and after enjoying a taste of the Texan hospitality, we’re raring to go! More news to follow as the project develops…

2018 Venice Biennale

We’ve just returned from a short trip to the 2018 Venice Architectural Biennale and Verona, which was both inspiring and refreshing! 

Highlights included:- some 8000 handmade encaustic tiles made by Granby Workshop, laid within the Biennale’s central pavillion; the perfect alignment of shadow and light falling on the Swedish Pavilion; a trip to savour the rich detailing of Scarpa’s Castelveccio and last but not least - we were fortunate to attend an extraordinary musical performance within the depths of a quarry in rural Vicenza, conducted by Michael Nyman… a most moving experience that heightened all the senses!

Wellcome Trust - External Gates Completed

Recently installed- bespoke security gates, that we were commissioned to design for the Wellcome Trust. 

An elegant and robust series of decorative screens provides secure access and egress, whilst introducing a touch of colour and allowing light into the large windows beyond. 

Created by a careful array of steel rods, each screen was fabricated by hand and powder-coated. 

3|10 Stackable Steel Furniture Delivered!

Some Bespoke furniture that the studio were comissioned to design for the Wellcome Trust Lobby has been delivered to site and put to use straight away!

The system is a simple steel frame overlayed with perforated steel sheet and cosists of a bench that slides under a worksurface that in turn slides under a noticeboard!

A bespoke cushion was fabricated for the bench whilst a machined, Maple veneered plywood penboarb / noticeboard creates a nice relationship with the maple panelling within the Wellcome Trust’s atrium space. Three coloured shelves were fabricated and fitted to the rear of the notice board for books or notices as required.

Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2018

3|10 studio are happy to be shortlisted under the ‘product innovation’ category of the prestigeous Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards for our Yoghurt Pot Sinks for the Wellcome Trust. The Hilton Park Lane in London will play host to the awards ceremony - fingers crossed!!

Brass and Steel Bespoke Handrails

Our beautiful, bespoke, powder-coated steel handrails with solid bronze bar details between the vertical junctions have come back from the fabricators and are looking rather well! Looking forward to getting them installed on site at Elgin Park.

University of Surrey Shortlist

3|10 studio, in collaboration with Ion Accoustics and Studio Dekka Lighting Design, have been shortlisted for the New Computer Science Lab project at The University of Surrey - Below is an image of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine No.1 of 1822 - a catastrophic failure due to the limits of machining technology of the time but a a fundamental stepping stone on the route to the development of the machines that surround us today!

Planning Granted for Ski Chalet in French Alps

3|10 Studio Architects have been awarded planning permission for our proposed works to the beautiful Societe Fruitiere building in Sainte Foy Tarentaise in the French Alps. The works include the addition of an expansive new terrace overlooking the mountians, a newly excavated garage below and extensive internal remodelling.

Redland Remodelling Shaping Up!

Awaiting installation of the balustrade at our extensive remodelling of an old victorian vila in Elgin Park, Bristol.

The new 4.5 metre tall window affords a wonderful connection with the garden and creates a fantastic vertical connection internally between the kitchen, dining and mezanine levels.

Wellcome Trust - Recycled Yoghurt Pot Sinks Installed

3|10 studio’s bespoke designed sinks made from 100% recycled yoghurt pots have been installed in the ground floor of the Wellcome Trust’s HQ on Euston Road as part of the pioneering Green Pilot scheme that the studio has been working on for the last few months that explores cutting edge water saving technologies. More to follow soon

Planning Granted for Welsh Play Hub

3|10 studio were given an early Christmas present of full planning consent for their front extension to a former church building in Llandrindod Wells, mid-Wales. The project, for the excellent play focussed children’s charity Play Radnor, involves a new entrance building connecting to the existing church hall, enlargement of the existing external play area, additional new rooftop play area and an outdoor fireplace. Huge thanks go out to Amica Dall of Architecture and Design collective Assemble, who acted as Play Consultant on the project and we look forward to developing the detail design. 

2017 Eh?

Many make much of the mystifying tumult of 2016.
In response; a few positives for the coming year;
Wind, solar, and other renewables have been on an incredible run of decreasing costs and creative financing, which has made them economically competitive with fossil fuels. Although Government incentives for renewewables have been slashed here in the UK, growing awareness, interest and market for green and low energy tech is a change in the right direction.
Even the car industry is embracing fossil fuel alternatives with enormous investment in ‘start up’ car companies (since when has this even been possible?) like Faraday Futures chasing Tesla’s tail and delivering the future of the automobile today. Below is the chassis of the FF91 electric car - look it up, it’s bloody gorgeous.
The Andromeda-Milky Way Collision is 4 billion years off and the sun isn’t set to explode for 5.

I guess what we’re trying to say is - Hey, Happy New Year!

Meanwhile we’re very grateful to have a lot of wonderful projects to be cracking on with and extend our sincerest thanks to past, current and future clients; Here’s greatly looking forwrad to an exciting year.

Avant Ski

Carlsberg don’t do site visits, but if they did…
3|10 are very excited to be appointed to work on an extraordinary former community fromagerie in the French Alps. Built in 1931 and found in the protected village of Le Miroir., La Société Fruitière rested unoccupied for 20 odd years, but is soon to see a new lease of life for a ski-mad family. More as the project develops..

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