The process by which 3|10 Studio approach a project is one of distillation and involves a few key steps.

A brief is developed with a client that seeks to clearly articulate the needs, desires and physical parameters for a given project.

This brief is then analysed to establish a set of values - spatial, material and personal – that constitute the hitching post to which the project will be tethered throughout and against which all design ideas, big and small, will be tested.

These values are then filtered through research into the cultural, social and historical context of the project and from this the design, materials and method are determined.

The practice works in accordance with the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Plan of Work which sets out in stages the services which may be required. These are listed in an abbreviated format in the RIBA booklet entitled 'A Client Guide to Engaging an Architect' (available upon request) which also provides guidance on fees.

3|10 Studio have established excellent working relationships with all relevant consultancies (structures, mechanical and electrical, listed building, fire, building regulations etc.) that may be required and if needed can assemble and co-ordinate a full project team. 

Any initial consultation is undertaken free of charge and we welcome the opportunity to talk through all prospective projects irrespective of size or type.
Upon appointment, 3|10 Studio typically charge a percentage fee based on the total construction cost. The fee percentage varies based on the size and complexity of the project and the scope of 3|10 Studio’s involvement (eg. Just planning or full construction service). Alternative fee agreements, depending on the services provided, can be agreed at an hourly rate or as a lump sum.

Design Phase: The practice typically use the RIBA standard form of appointment as the basis of any undertaking with a client which clearly sets out the particulars of a given brief and the process by which it will be realised.
Construction Phase: The practice has extensive experience in administering and co-ordinating a variety of construction contracts between client and contractor including Traditional, Design and Build and Management forms and can advise on the most appropriate route for a given project.

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