Brass and Steel Bespoke Handrails

Our beautiful, bespoke, powder-coated steel handrails with solid bronze bar details between the vertical junctions have come back from the fabricators and are looking rather well! Looking forward to getting them installed on site at Elgin Park.

University of Surrey Shortlist

3|10 studio, in collaboration with Ion Accoustics and Studio Dekka Lighting Design, have been shortlisted for the New Computer Science Lab project at The University of Surrey - Below is an image of Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine No.1 of 1822 - a catastrophic failure due to the limits of machining technology of the time but a a fundamental stepping stone on the route to the development of the machines that surround us today!

Planning Granted for Ski Chalet in French Alps

3|10 Studio Architects have been awarded planning permission for our proposed works to the beautiful Societe Fruitiere building in Sainte Foy Tarentaise in the French Alps. The works include the addition of an expansive new terrace overlooking the mountians, a newly excavated garage below and extensive internal remodelling.

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