3|10 Stackable Steel Furniture Delivered!

Some Bespoke furniture that the studio were comissioned to design for the Wellcome Trust Lobby has been delivered to site and put to use straight away!

The system is a simple steel frame overlayed with perforated steel sheet and cosists of a bench that slides under a worksurface that in turn slides under a noticeboard!

A bespoke cushion was fabricated for the bench whilst a machined, Maple veneered plywood penboarb / noticeboard creates a nice relationship with the maple panelling within the Wellcome Trust’s atrium space. Three coloured shelves were fabricated and fitted to the rear of the notice board for books or notices as required.

Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2018

3|10 studio are happy to be shortlisted under the ‘product innovation’ category of the prestigeous Edie Sustainability Leaders Awards for our Yoghurt Pot Sinks for the Wellcome Trust. The Hilton Park Lane in London will play host to the awards ceremony - fingers crossed!!

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