2017 Eh?

Many make much of the mystifying tumult of 2016.
In response; a few positives for the coming year;
Wind, solar, and other renewables have been on an incredible run of decreasing costs and creative financing, which has made them economically competitive with fossil fuels. Although Government incentives for renewewables have been slashed here in the UK, growing awareness, interest and market for green and low energy tech is a change in the right direction.
Even the car industry is embracing fossil fuel alternatives with enormous investment in ‘start up’ car companies (since when has this even been possible?) like Faraday Futures chasing Tesla’s tail and delivering the future of the automobile today. Below is the chassis of the FF91 electric car - look it up, it’s bloody gorgeous.
The Andromeda-Milky Way Collision is 4 billion years off and the sun isn’t set to explode for 5.

I guess what we’re trying to say is - Hey, Happy New Year!

Meanwhile we’re very grateful to have a lot of wonderful projects to be cracking on with and extend our sincerest thanks to past, current and future clients; Here’s greatly looking forwrad to an exciting year.

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