Lake House, Texas

Flowing to the Lake

Location: Dallas, Texas
Status: Tender

Our clients bought an extraordinary plot on Star Harbor Marina, Texas, with the ambition to build a lakehouse that maximises the stunning views out across the lake. 

3|10 Studio attended the first site visit, last August 2018 and have since developed the concept proposals and materiality.

There are a number of ideas that were key to the development of the proposed design, these are:

• Creating a journey. 
• Preserving the existing trees. 
• Exploiting the fall of the site. 
• Revealing the lake slowly through glimpses before the big reveal when the front door opens. 
• Creating a long house for a long site. 
• Using a series of long, parallel walls running in the direction of the site to direct attention towards the water and enhance the awareness of the lake throughout the house. 
• Integrating the design of the landscaping, pool, pontoon and the house so they become indistinguishable from one another. 
• Reducing awareness of cars and enhancing awareness of the house, the lake and the landscape.

Next Steps

Detailed design underway for contractor proposals and review of construction costs.

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