Wellcome Trust - Green Pilot

100% recycled yoghurt pot sinks!

Location: London
Status: Complete

The sinks were developed as a key part of the ‘Useless’ Green Pilot initiative, which looked at innovative approaches to reducing water and energy use in the Wellcome Trust’s WC facilities.

3|10 studio were appointed to lead the design of the Wellcome Trust's Green Pilot and, alongside extensive product research, worked closely with Smile Plastics and Unique Fabrications to develop a bespoke trough sink made entirely from recycled yoghurt pots!

Green Pilot Objectives :

• To pilot an innovative approach to reducing water and energy use in the Wellcome Trust’s WC facilities.
• Promote awareness and discussion around the idea of how technology can help us lead more environmentally sustainable lives
• Influence user behaviour to reduce their carbon emissions, preserve natural resources and move towards a water and energy saving culture.
• Interrogate recent innovations and current thinking in respect of washroom hygiene.
• Work with, and to recommendations by The Energy Saving Trust, Waterwise.org, and DEFRA
• Investigate current and emerging developments in respect of individual products.
• Tap into the emergent national water saving culture.
• Disseminate the findings of this innovative project by sharing outcomes in appropriate reports and encourage other institutions to replicate the pilot elsewhere.
• Establish the Wellcome Trust as an exemplar in water use reduction and reinforce the Trust’s reputation as an institution at the vanguard of environmental responsibility.

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